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LOGAN — The No. 3 player on the Cache Valley Media Group Top 25 Aggies of 2023 is senior quarterback Cooper Legas. His journey with Utah State has been unique, but now is set for a breakout season as the primary starting quarterback.

Legas famously made his debut in the 2021 LA Bowl, his first pass being a 62-yard touchdown to Deven Thompkins. He had to step in and play that day because Logan Bonner had left the game with an injury. Legas went on to go 11 of 20 for 172 yards, two touchdowns and one interception in what became a 24-13 Aggie win over Oregon State, capping an 11-3 season for Utah State.

In 2022, Legas went back to backing up Bonner, but when the latter suffered a season-ending foot injury against UNLV, Legas became the starting QB. He started eight games throughout the rest of the season, throwing for 1,499 yards, completing 61.1 percent of his passes and throwing 11 touchdowns to 10 interceptions. Legas led a turnaround for the Aggies, flipping a 1-4 start to a 6-6 record at the end of the regular season.

For two seasons, Legas has been a backup, only playing when the starter got injured. Now it’s his job, and with a full season ahead of him, Legas can set his sights on a breakout season fit to be alongside the great seasons of Aggie quarterbacks.

Cache Valley Media Group Top 25 Aggies (revealed so far)

  1. Broc Lane (TE)
  2. Xavion Steele (CB)
  3. Wyatt Bowles (OL)
  4. Micah Davis (WR)
  5. Levi Williams (QB)
  6. Simeon Harris (DB)
  7. Cole Motes (OL)
  8. Gavin Barthiel (LB)
  9. Poukesi Vakauta (DT)
  10. Josh Sterzer (TE)
  11. Max Alford (LB)
  12. Cian Slone (DE)
  13. Otto Tia (WR)
  14. Falepule Alo (OL)
  15. Colby Bowman (WR)
  16. Wade Meacham (OL)
  17. Michael Anyanwu (CB)
  18. Stephen Kotsanlee (P)
  19. Robert Briggs (RB)
  20. Anthony Switzer (S)
  21. MJ Tafisi (LB)
  22. Terrell Vaughn (WR)

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