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Monday Cooldown – Calvin Tyler Jr. a grateful and productive leader – Cache Valley Daily

LOGAN – When Calvin Tyler Jr. stepped up to the podium during Utah State’s post-game press conference on Saturday, the first question was fairly obvious: “How good did it feel to have three touchdowns in this game?” The three touchdowns wasn’t all Tyler did in the game, but were his most eye-popping stat. Tyler ran for a team-high 125 yards on 30 carries – his highest carry total since 33 in the season opener against UConn – to go along with the career-high three rushing scores. But instead of talking about how that kind of performance happened, Tyler chose to respectfully deviate from the question. “I want to thank my teammates for sure, and guys like John Gentry who haven’t played a snap at running back this year,” Tyler said. “He’s been the most supportive teammate this year. He don’t understand. It probably goes over his head but he’s been doing everything he can in practice. Working his butt off and also motivating me and having the same energy everyday on and off the field. “I’m so thankful for guys like him. Jordan Wilmore, same thing. Them guys motivate me. It felt good seeing him in there today, Jordan, running

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