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Blake Anderson. Photo by Lorene Hale

LOGAN – With 2:36 left on the clock, Utah State’s offense made its way onto the field down 28-7 to Weber State. Quarterback Logan Bonner had just thrown a pick-six that just about sealed USU’s fate in the eventual 35-7 loss to the FCS side.

As Bonner trotted into position, boos rained down onto the field — presumably due to the presence of Bonner on the field. The senior finished the game with one of his worst statistical performances as a starter — 12-for-31 passing (38.7 percent), a mere 120 yards passing and three interceptions to zero touchdowns.

That context certainly gave off the appearance that Utah State fans were booing its own quarterback. It certainly didn’t help that a faint “We want Cooper” chant could be heard, nor the fact that Cooper Legas, the backup quarterback referred to in that chant, entered to cheers in the fourth when starters were pulled.

After the game, head coach Blake Anderson was asked about those boos. What followed was a more than minute-long response that included multiple shots at fans and a defense of Bonner. Anderson said that many fans “showed true colors today” and that the boos were “embarrassing.” He ended his comments by saying the team will “pull tighter together on the sideline…because apparently that’s what we’ve got.”

The comments quickly made their way to social media by way of reporters and fans were quick to respond, both on social media and on the radio during KVNU Aggie Call. The number one argument brought forward from the booing side was that the fans were not, in fact, booing Bonner, but rather coach Anderson, his coaching staff and their decision to keep an underperforming and injured Bonner in the game.

The loss to Weber State — historically embarrassing as it may be — might not be the most damaging thing to come out of this game. Fans booing their own team risked alienating coaches and players and Anderson’s shots back certainly didn’t calm the situation. Some fans are now much less enthusiastic about going to games, and their opinion of Anderson certainly isn’t going up.

In the midst of all the attacks on the coach, many supported Anderson and the work he’s done with the team while also calling out fans for booing.

Bonner’s parents, who had to watch both the game and situation on social media deteriorate with their son right in the middle of the controversy, chose the option to support the team and not bring negativity into the discussion. Linda retweeted several posts that voiced support for the Aggies, its players and coaches but didn’t join the fray herself. Bane’s only comment was to reply to a fan who asked how Logan won the QB job (referencing a part of Anderson’s comment) while being injured the whole offseason. The simple reply being “I can. Please DM me.”

Blake Anderson’s wife, Brittany, also took to social media to defend her husband, the Aggie players, and highlight how the fan behavior could be damaging to the team.


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