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USU’s Brie Clark competes in the floor routine at the NCAA Regionals at Norman, Oklahoma. Image is a screen grab of a video shared by USU Gymnastics on social media.

NORMAN, Okla. – Utah State went down swinging in what proved to be the Aggies’ final gymnastics meet of the 2022 campaign.

Utah State, ranked 25th nationally, notched its highest score in program history for an NCAA regional meet, but placed third in Session 1 of the second round of the NCAA Norman Regional on Thursday afternoon at the Lloyd Noble Center.

The Aggies scored at least a 49.075 on each event en route to finishing with a team score of 196.825, which also ranks third all-time in school history. No. 8 Minnesota finished first in the session with a 197.825 and No. 9 California placed second, as those two advanced to Saturday’s regional final. Boise State finished fourth with a 196.425.

“We could not have gone out and done any better than what we did today,” said fifth-year Utah State head coach Amy Smith. “I am so proud of the integrity and the character they held throughout the meet, and the gymnastics was just a lovely extra component of that. It was just awesome.”

The Aggies were sitting in second place with one more Cal gymnast to go on floor. The Golden Bears were having to count a fall leading up to Grace Quinn’s routine in the anchor spot, but she never wavered and delivered a 9.925 to send Cal into the regional final.

Despite seeing their season come to an end, the Aggies were happy with their performance on Thursday.

“It was so fun,” said senior Grace Rojas, who had a 9.850 on bars. “It was almost like a copy-and-paste of the MRGCs. It was just so fun to be out there with the girls, and everyone giving it all that they had, giving it all they got. It was so fun and so electric.”

Utah State finished the season with a 15-11 overall record. It is the most wins the Aggies have had in a single season since 1999 (17-5).

The Aggies opened the meet on beam, their strongest event all season long. Junior Rebecca Wells led it off for Utah State with a 9.900, which ranks first all-time for a regional meet. Four other gymnasts went 9.800 or better as the Aggies scored a 49.125, which ranks first all-time for a regional meet.

In the second rotation, the Aggies put together the best floor performance in school history for a regional meet. Led by freshman Brie Clark’s 9.925, which is tied for first all-time for a regional meet, Utah State finished with a 49.325. Fellow freshman Amari Evans had a 9.900 in the sixth spot, which is tied for fourth all-time in school history.

“Today goes to show that we worked really hard to get here, and it’s only up from here,” said Clark, who garnered WCGA Regular Season Second Team All-American honors. “We figured out what works for us, and now it’s just practicing what works for us. It means the world to be able to have such a great meet with such a special team.”

Freshman Trinity Brown led off the third rotation on vault for the Aggies with a 9.825, while fellow freshman Molly Arnold had a 9.850 in the third spot. Wells and sophomore Eve Jackson added a 9.800 and 9.825 to help Utah State finish with a 49.075 on the event, which is tied for first all-time for a regional meet.

Utah State closed the meet strong on bars with a 49.300, which ranks first all-time for a regional meet and tied for seventh overall. Junior Maia Fishwick and sophomore Brianna Brooks each had a 9.900 – tied for second all-time for a regional competition.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better freshman year or a better season in general,” Clark said. “Some of my goals that I wanted to accomplish by my senior year, just happened my freshman year, so it was kind of crazy. I learned a lot about myself throughout this whole year, and I feel like I’ve grown as a person and a gymnast, so honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more from this year. I can’t wait for three more year.”

Wells finished with a 39.350 in the all-around, a record for a regional meet. It is also tied for 19th all-time in school history.

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NCAA Norman Regional – Norman, Oklahoma – Lloyd Noble Center – March 31, 2022


Team Results: 1. Minnesota – 197.825 (vault: 49.525, bars: 49.400, beam: 49.350, floor: 49.550); 2. California – 197.375 (vault: 48.950, bars: 49.500, beam: 49.400, floor: 49.525); 3. Utah State – 196.825 (vault: 49.075, bars: 49.300, beam: 49.125, floor: 49.325); 4. Boise State – 196.425 (vault: 48.900, bars: 49.225, beam: 49.150, floor: 49.150).


Vault: T1. Ona Loper – Minnesota, 9.950; T1. Lexy Ramler – Minnesota, 9.950; 3. Mya Hooten – Minnesota, 9.900; 4. Maddie Quarles – Minnesota, 9.875; T5. Molly Arnold – USU, 9.850; T5. Suki Pfister – Ball State, 9.850; T5. Gianna Gerdes – Minnesota, 9.850;  T8. Trinity Brown – USU, 9.825;  T8. Eve Jackson – USU, 9.825;  T8. Neveah DeSouza – California, 9.825;  T11. Rebecca Wells – USU, 9.800;  T11. Andi Li – California, 9.800; T11. Emily Lopez – BSU, 9.800; T11. Courtney Blackson – BSU, 9.800; T11. Nina Schank – California, 9.800; T11. Alyssa Vulaj – BSU, 9.800; T17. Maya Bordas – California, 9.775; T17. Brie Clark – USU, 9.775; T19. Milan Clausi – California, 9.750; T19. Emily Koch – Minnesota, 9.750; T19. Mya Lauzon – California, 9.750; T19. Hope Masiado – BSU, 9.750; T19. Maddi Nilson – BSU, 9.750; T24. Brianna Brooks – USU, 9.725; T24. Samantha Smith – BSU, 9.725.


Bars: T1. Ona Loper – Minnesota, 9.925; T1. Andi Li – California, 9.925; T1. Neveah DeSouza – California, 9.925; T4. Lexy Ramler – Minnesota, 9.900; T4. Mya Hooten – Minnesota, 9.900; T4. Brianna Brooks – USU, 9.900; T4. Madelyn Williams – California, 9.900; T4. Nina Schank – California, 9.900; T4. Maia Fishwick – USU, 9.900; T4. Emily Muhlenhaupt – BSU, 9.900; T11. Emily Lopez – BSU, 9.875; T11. Cassidy Rushlow – PSU, 9.875; T11. Hannah Willmarth – Minnesota, 9.875; T14. Maya Bordas – California, 9.850; T14. Eve Jackson – USU, 9.850; T14. Maddi Nilson – BSU, 9.850; T14. Grace Rojas – USU, 9.850; T14. Gabby Perea – California, 9.850; T19. Rebecca Wells – USU, 9.800; T19. Courtney Blackson – BSU, 9.800; T19. Halle Remlinger – Minnesota, 9.800; T19. Alexis Stokes – BSU, 9.800; T19. Talia Little – BSU, 9.800; T19. Alissa Bonsall – PSU, 9.800; 25. Jessica Gutierrez – USU, 9.775; 26. Tiarre Sales – Minnesota, 9.350.


Beam: 1. Lexy Ramler – Minnesota, 9.950; T2. Ona Loper – Minnesota, 9.900; T2. Andi Li – California, 9.900; T2. Maya Bordas – California, 9.900; T2. Rebecca Wells – USU, 9.900; T2. Emily Koch – Minnesota, 9.900; T2. Abbie Pierson – WVU, 9.900; T8. Milan Clausi – California, 9.875; T8. Mya Lauzon – California, 9.875; T10. Madelyn Williams – California, 9.850; T10. Alexis Stokes – BSU, 9.850; T10. Talia Little – BSU, 9.850; T13. Neveah DeSouza – California, 9.825; T13. Emily Lopez – BSU, 9.825; T13. Adrianna Popp – BSU, 9.825; T13. Carley Bayles – USU, 9.825; T17. Gianna Gerdes – Minnesota, 9.800; T17. Briana Brooks – USU, 9.800; T17. Emma Loyim – BSU, 9.800; T17. Sofi Sullivan – USU, 9.800; T17. Kielyn McCright – USU, 9.800; T17. Abbie Nylin – Minnesota, 9.800; 23. Brie Clark – USU, 9.700; 24. Ali Sonier – Minnesota, 9.650; 25. Hope Masiado – BSU, 9.325.


Floor: 1. Mya Hooten – Minnesota, 9.950; T2. Milan Clausi – California, 9.925; T2. Brie Clark – USU, 9.925; T2. Halle Remlinger – Minnesota, 9.925; T2. Grace Quinn – California, 9.925; T6. Ona Loper – Minnesota, 9.900; T6. Andi Li – California, 9.900; T6. Gianna Gerdes – Minnesota, 9.900; T6. Mya Lauzon – California, 9.900; T6. Courtney Blackson – BSU, 9.900; T6. Abbie Pierson – WVU, 9.900; T6. Bella Salcedo – PSU, 9.900; T6. Amari Evans – USU, 9.900; T14. Lexy Ramler – Minnesota, 9.875; T14. Maya Bordas – California, 9.875; T14. Emily Koch – Minnesota, 9.875; T17. Rebecca Wells – USU, 9.850; T17. Hope Masiado – BSU, 9.850; T17. Trinity Brown – USU, 9.850; T17. Adrianna Popp – BSU, 9.850; T21. Molly Arnold – USU, 9.800; T21. Elaina McGovern – BSU, 9.800; 23. Eve Jackson – USU, 9.775; 24. Emma Loyim – BSU, 9.750; 25. Blake Pascal – BSU, 9.025; 26. Neveah DeSouza – California, 8.950.


All-Around: T1. Lexy Ramler – Minnesota, 39.675; T1. Ona Loper – Minnesota, 39.675; 3. Andi Li – California, 39.525; 4. Maya Bordas – California, 39.400; 5. Rebecca Wells – USU, 39.350; 6. Neveah DeSouza – California, 38.525.



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