Full Court Press

A local sports talk show where fans can sound off about the Aggies, Jazz, local high schools and more! Monday-Friday 4pm-6pm

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3 Responses

  1. Ajay, you can’t leave the all-time leading scorer at USU off your list of best 5 guards. There is no logic for that. Even trying to be controversial to get reaction is not an excuse. Jaycee worked every bit as hard as anyone else for shots and points. You also dissed the all-time greatest Aggie (Wayne Estes) when you started talking all-time greatest any position. Wayne di all he did without playing as a freshman! You know I like you but you do need to do better research. i put Sam and Jaycee in the top 2 with my edge going to the all-time leading scorer.

  2. LOVED ETHAN DURSTELER!!! Please make an effort to have him on again! The kids knows his stuff!

  3. By insisting we see more “feel good” news about the police is a luxury we can only have if the rampant concerns with bad policing and institutional racism are done away. It’s really insensitive to say you’re sick of the negative, when the negative rules the day and needs to be changed. Putting “feel good” stuff forward to the exclusion of the current reality because it’s tough to see, white washes and minimizes the issues at hand.

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